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Learn like no one is watching

What if every learner could enjoy the freedom to learn at their pace, without having to watch over every minute?

If you have ever been a student, you know what it feels like to be the one reading aloud from a book in the classroom. A hundred eyes piercing through your soul, ready to judge at the slightest fumble. Or when you have to speak up to share your ideas, even when you’re not sure if you’re right. Or when you’re called to answer a question and your mind goes blank, you just can’t remember anything! All eyes are on you; it feels like someone has put you in the spotlight when you happen to wear the worst outfit of your life. The question is: does learning have to be intimidating?

The answer is ‘no’. Well, thanks to technologies like virtual reality, learning can be exactly what it should be – an enjoyable, positive experience, not an embarrassing trip! Agreed, being able to speak up in front of an audience is one of life’s greatest skills. However, that alone shouldn’t define one’s ability to learn.

Can I learn without someone watching over me?

Of course! Just as all fingers are not alike, every learner is different. Some may want to get all the attention, and some may want to be on the sidelines. A shy or introverted learner may never be able to actively participate during a lesson as opposed to a more confident or extrovert student. This doesn’t mean that the shy ones cannot participate in a classroom. With virtual reality in the classroom, learners of all kinds are encouraged to participate, as it provides students with a judgment-free environment. There’s practically no one watching; you are in a safe space, and you are free to learn the way you want to. You can engage with the lesson the way you would, and there are enough interactive elements throughout to gently lead your way. So that the focus of a lesson remains on learning and nothing else.

Can I learn without distractions?

Yes, you can! A learning environment simulated by virtual reality can take you to new and exciting worlds while allowing you to enjoy distraction-free learning. Imagine learning about ancient Rome in a textbook versus actually walking through the Colosseum and feeling like you’re a part of history. Or shrinking to pint size to go inside a leaf to study its venation. With VR learning, you can be fully immersed in the learning experience in a distraction-free space that keeps your focus on the concept at hand. What’s more? You can watch the lesson again and again until you have fully understood it.

Can I figure out how I’m doing without anyone else knowing?

How many times have you feared not the judgment of your peers but your teacher? Quite often, probably. Asking teachers for their feedback on assignments or simply asking more questions during a lesson might be intimidating for many students. However, in a VR environment, you don’t have to worry about that. During a VR lesson, you get real-time feedback on how you are doing and how to improve, focusing on specific areas you can work on. The best part about learning in VR is that the feedback is always constructive, encouraging, and designed to help you grow and improve, rather than making you feel judged or criticized.

Learn like nobody's watching; that’s what you get in a virtual reality environment. A personalized, distraction-free, and immersive learning environment that’s fully yours, which lets you engage with the concepts as many times as you want and achieve your academic goals. Shun your inhibitions and jump on the VR bandwagon for an enjoyable learning journey!

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